FootballOutsiders: What to expect in the future of OL evaluation Once again Quinton Jefferson Jersey , FootballOutsiders has lended itself to SB Nation, answering five questions from each blog about their team. These questions and answers should slant towards the advanced analytics that FO focuses on, specifically in regards to DVOA. To find out more about the great work at FootballOutsiders, you should definitely be keen on their annual almanac, which is available now in the FO Store.On Monday, we talked about Thomas Rawls, Eddie Lacy, and the 2017 RB problemOn Tuesday, it was all about Brian SchottenheimerToday, we’re looking at how advanced analytics could better serve the evaluation of offensive linemen.Q: From our writer John Fraley: “Do you have designs on exploring advanced OL stats beyond adjusted line yards? Or is that a fool’s errand?”Bryan Knowles:I wouldn’t call it a fool’s errand, but it’s very difficult. We have a number of stats measuring offensive line play – adjusted line yards, adjusted sack rate, pressure rate, stuffed percentage, power success and so on – but it’s all sort of only covering the offensive line in a reflective sense. Skill position players are easy – so and so passes the ball, so and so catches it, so and so runs off-tackle – but how much credit do you give the line for each play, and how do you separate that from overall team success? That’s a real challenge, even before you start to think about crediting individual linemen.We’ll likely never have DVOA or DYAR for linemen, because any useful rating system for linemen has to include subjective factors. We keep track of these things – our partners at Sports Info Solutions chart blown blocks on both the individual and team levels Justin Britt Jersey , and try to credit sacks to individual linemen – but without knowing the actual blocking assignments on each play, many of these decisions are going to be judgment calls. Which lineman was responsible for the lineman who split the A-gap; did the left tackle blow his block or did the quarterback hold the ball for too long, and so on and so forth. The nice thing about DYAR and DVOA is that it’s objective – play X gained Y% more yards than average against a defense that is Z% better than average. While we tinker and work with the system in the offseason to make it more predictive, we’re not assigning subjective qualities to each play and presenting it as a final rating. We prefer to let the rating speak for itself, and then write about more subjective and charting elements that help interpret the numbers (see our annual adjusted interception article, for one). That’s not really possible to do for offensive linemen with the data we currently have, and so we’re it’s unlikely that we’ll roll out a new rating system in the near future.That being said, the data is always improving. We have a new partnership with EdjSports which gives us some more tools to use, and the NFL’s Next Gen Stats are providing more and more interesting stuff each year. I doubt we’ll have an offensive lineman-specific stat in the near future, but we may be able to provide more splits – which teams run best with a pulling guard, or which linemen get extra blocking help from tight ends on a regular basis. We’re always looking to provide new things! Over the past two seasons, the Seattle Seahawks found themselves on the road in Week 1 and proceeded to lose. They have been one of the worst September road teams in the NFL for more than a decade...."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections VideosCoffee and CigarettesGame AnalysisThe Numbers GameCigar Thoughts2019 Seahawks Schedule: Seattle has been almost unbeatable at CenturyLink Field in SeptemberNew,3commentsPDTShareTweetShareShare2019 Seahawks Schedule: Seattle has been almost unbeatable at CenturyLink Field in SeptemberJames Snook-USA TODAY SportsOver the past two seasons, the Seattle Seahawks found themselves on the road in Week 1 and proceeded to lose. They have been one of the worst September road teams in the NFL for more than a decade.But at home, more specifically the fortress we now know as CenturyLink Field? It’s been as dominant as you might expect.Dating back to 2002, when “Seahawks Stadium” first opened for business, Seattle is a staggering 26-3 in the opening month of the regular season. That’s the second-most wins in the league during that span, and the .897 win percentage edges out the Denver Broncos (who are 29-4). Those three losses came against the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 (in the team’s first home game at CLink), the San Francisco 49ers in 2008 (which doubles as Seattle’s last defeat in a home opener), and the Chicago Bears in the ill-fated green jersey game in 2009. The common theme is that the 2002 Ugochukwu Amadi Jersey , 2008, and 2009 teams all didn’t come remotely close to making the playoffs. Of their 29 wins, 17 were by double-digits and three of them were shutouts. In the Pete Carroll era, they are perfect in September home games, even with close calls against the San Diego Chargers (2010), Arizona Cardinals (2011), Green Bay Packers (2012), Denver Broncos (2014), Miami Dolphins (2016), San Francisco 49ers (2017).This year, the Seahawks open the 2019 regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals, whose last CenturyLink Field appearance was a 34-12 victory in 2011. One of those September home wins did come vs. Cincy, when Seattle rallied to beat the Bengals 24-21 in the 2007 season on a Matt Hasselbeck strike to Nate Burleson. The other September game is vs. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, who’ve not been to Seattle since the 2013-14 NFC Divisional Round, which Seattle won 23-15. We all remember the 34-7 Monday Night Football beatdown, one of the finest regular season wins in franchise history.Based on the historical form guide that has held true from bad Seahawks teams to great ones, we should expect Seattle to be at least 2-2 at the end of this September. (Stats via Pro Football Reference)