The 49ers doubled up

The 49ers doubled up on the position Womens Kwon Alexander Jersey , and SB Nation’s Dan Kadar approves"SB Nation’s resident draft guru Dan Kadar wrote an article where he went through every teams draft and decided what the best move each team made. Here is what Kadar had to say about the San Francisco 49ers draft:Tough to disagree with the sentiment that the 49ers need to add talent at receiver. A guy like Kendrick Bourne showed that he belongs in the NFL. He has a place on this roster. That shouldn’t stop you from upgrading, and that’s exactly what John Lynch and the front office did.Samuel is getting labeled as a slot receiver, which is odd to me. Samuel is nasty with his releases:The reason I had Samuel as a “Z” receiver earlier this morning on the 49ers depth chart was because I imagine Kyle Shanahan will want to get the ball in his hands right away. Dante Pettis can be the teams “iso” or “X” receiver that the offense relies on to win 1-on-1. Hurd is more than a gadget. Raw isn’t the best way to describe him. He has shown skills like catching the ball away from his body, or different parts of his route running that suggest he’s further along than the “raw” label. Now his role as a rookie might seem like a gadget player , but Shanahan lined up Bourne and Trent Taylor in the backfield last year. That’s just what he does. Puts players in positions to succeed. That won’t be any different with Hurd. The new 49ers CB didn’t end up with 22 afterall"A couple weeks ago, new San Francisco 49er CB Jason Verrett was feeling froggy. He wanted to wear Frank Gore’s #21. I think he realized quickly what the legend of Gore means to this franchise. From there, Verrett moved on to the number 22. I don’t know if Matt Brieda rejected him right away or the money wasn’t enough, but that fell through as well. Today , Verrett “settled” for 34. Per Joe Fann, Verrett will only wear No. 34 during training camp/preseason. He will get a new number for the regular season as 34 is retired for Joe Perry. Verrett only has it due to a numbers crunch on a 90-man roster.It comes off as entitled for Verrett, but I get it. Aesthetically, 34 is hideous for a corner. There really aren’t too many other options Ronnie Lott Jersey White , though. Every number in the 20 is occupied by somebody that probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So, for now, Verrett stays with 34.